• Waterfall abseiling tour in Florianópolis
  • Great option for those who want a beautiful contact with nature. Watching the limits and overcoming them!

No credit card required on reservation

No extra fees

  • Abseiling:

Waterfall abseiling tour

  • When:

From Monday to Saturday

  • Duration:

2 hours

  • Age:

Over 12 years old

  • Details
  • We offer:

If you consider yourself to be a true adrenaline junkie, you’ll love this exciting waterfall abseiling experience. A thrilling test of wits, your heart will race as you lean backwards over 98ft high Face of waterfall. Then it’s time to throw caution to the wind as you push yourself from the comfort of the cliff edge and plunge into the awaiting Abyss – before climbing back to the top and experiencing this unique adrenaline rush all over again!

An abseiling adventure is one that will really get your heart pumping. Once you have repelled vertically from dizzying heights you’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment and elation. Just make sure you don’t forget to take in the scenery on the way down! Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced, we have an adventure to suit.

  • Tips and information
  • Essential items for a beautiful day:
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Sunscreen and lipstick to always use
  • Required: Document
  • Clothing and footwear closed to do activity
  • Repellent, sunscreen, hair-tie for anyone with long hair
  • Extra clothes/footwear for after activity
  • Price:

             R$ 90,00

  • Adrenaline and adventure activity:
  • Activity: Two rappelling downhills in the waterfall of 98 ft;
  • Minimum Age: 12 years;
  • Difficulty level: medium;
  • Restriction: Pregnant women;
  • We supply: Neoprene clothing.

This is a pre-booking, subject to the formation of a minimum group of participants. After our confirmation, you will need a sign of R$ 20.00 per person.

The rest of the R$ 70.00 will be paid on the day of the activity in cash or credit card.

The buyer will have the term of 07 (seven) days, counting after the payment of the signal, to cancel the contracted service. Without any retention of values ​​by the contractor. Pursuant to article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code.

The refund of the signal in case of voluntary cancellation of the acquirer will not be applicable in the cases:

  • When the date of the payment of the signal and the date of the accomplishment of the service is less than 2 (two) days, the client becomes aware of the availability of his right;
  • Non-attendance at the previously agreed place, date and time.


  • The sign (guarantee of attendance) can be paid by bank deposit at Banco do Brasil or by bank slip.