• Capoeira class in Florianópolis
  • Activity suitable for all ages and lovers of Brazilian culture

No credit card required on reservation

No extra fees

  • Flyboard:

Capoeira class in Florianópolis

  • When:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Duration:

From 19:00 until 20:00

  • Level:

Group Class for Beginners

  • Details
  • We offer:

We offer a beautiful opportunity to have capoeira class in Florianópolis.

Capoeira is a mix of sport, dance and cultural manifestation. Enables physical conditioning, body awareness, discipline and self-control, with the concern to mitigate culture of rivalry and reinforce perceptions of personal and social values. The Capoeira classes provide fun experiences, practice the activity in a pleasurable way and with the intention of increasing the potential of each individual.

All the while assisted by your instructor, operate the Flyboard with the courage of a veteran flyer. Load up the massive jets of water under you, then release and let the water propel you off the surface and into the air, giving you amazing views of Lagoa da Conceição. Enjoy the panoramic views, splendid colors, and the rush of feeling empowered in your weightless state—there’s nothing quite like Flyboarding.

  • Included in capoeira class:

At the sound of the berimbau, atabaque and tambourine you will enter the dance. In this class you will learn the swing and some of the main movements used in the most traditional cultural manifestation of Capoeira. It will be a time of learning and a lot of relaxation.

  • Tips and information
  • Essential items for a beautiful day:
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Towel
  • Light and flexible clothing
  • sport tennis
  • Activity Location:

Florianópolis South Region (Tavares River – approx 5 km from Lagoa da Conceição)

  • Class price::
  • One hour capoeira class for beginners
  • R$ 25,00 per person (cash only).

             R$ 25,00

This is a pre-booking, subject to the formation of a minimum group of participants. After our confirmation, you will need a deposit from R$ 5,00 per person. The rest of them  will be paid on the day of the activity in cash.

The buyer will have the term of 07 (seven) days, counting after the payment of the signal, to cancel the contracted service. Without any retention of values ​​by the contractor. Pursuant to article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code.

The refund of the signal in case of voluntary cancellation of the acquirer will not be applicable in the cases:

  • When the date of the payment of the signal and the date of the accomplishment of the service is less than 2 (two) days, the client becomes aware of the availability of his right;
  • Non-attendance at the previously agreed place, date and time.
  • The sign (guarantee of attendance) can be paid by bank deposit at Banco do Brasil or by bank slip.