What to do in Florianopolis? How about adventure tous!

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The option for Adventure or Radical tours  is ideal for those who love excitement.

Like to enjoy exciting adventures, to do something different? So, just say how many people when and what kind of adventure. We offer what Florianópolis has the most radical!

Come and dive with us in paradise islands!

Our Florianópolis Archipelago is one of the main and beautiful examples of Brazilian marine life. The diversity of dive sites allows us to offer tours for all types of divers, whether experienced or beginners, as well as the discovery dive of those who do not yet know the beauties of the sea.

Let's go down the river?

It’s raining? Better yet, as it increases the volume of water and more adrenaline in the great Florianopolis. The Bóia-cruz consists of downhill activities with individual buoys on the river bed at light, moderate or radical levels of rapids, and can be practiced by all people according to the desired amount of emotion, besides having the opportunity to contemplate the natural beauties of its crystalline waters observing a rich fauna and flora of ciliar forest ..

How about paragliding in Florianópolis?

Like all adventure activities practiced by nature, the free paragliding flight is beyond a dynamic sport, an activity of contemplation of nature. Practitioners and sympathizers are usually people wanting to feel how gigantic nature and its elements are.

How about a beautiful adventure experience with your family?

We select several options that can be practiced by the whole family. Tell us a little about your plans, we have several special packages for family!

Come have a beautiful family experience!

Adventure sports in Florianópolis

You will descend a waterfall and direct contact with nature, water, rock, plant etc., provides an incredible feeling. You find 30 meter waterfalls with a positive slope.

It is fundamental to recharge the energies to be in contact with nature. And for those who like excitement, this is a unique opportunity!


We selected the best adventure tourism in Florianópolis.

Paragliding, rafting, abseiling, surfing lessons and more!

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