Boat trip to Campeche Island from Barra da Lagoa

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The boat trip to Campeche island from Barra da Lagoa.

The boat trip to Campeche island from Barra da Lagoa. It departs at 10am from the deck that is under the bridge that goes to the Prainha, on the Canal de la Barra da Lagoa. The route is by open sea, passes through the Barra da Lagoa Lighthouse and its Costão, natural pools. The way allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the beaches: Barra da Lagoa, Galleta, Mole, Xavier Island, Joaquina and Campeche.

The time of permanence in the Island of Campeche is of approximately 4 hours and the one of navigation until there is of 1h15min.

On the island there are optional services: ecological trails to see the rock inscriptions of up to 4,000 years and natural pools for contemplative diving (must be paid separately).

Large boat for more that 60 people, with bathroom, covered and open area. It contains all the safety equipment required by the marina and boat association of Barra da Lagoa and Isla de Campeche.

We offer fruits and water during the trip.


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Boat trip to Campeche Island from Barra da Lagoa

The trip to the Campeche island  impresses by the natural beauty, the animals and the birds that live in the middle of the preserved Atlantic Forest.

Paradisiac beach, eco tour and archeology

Campeche Island

Campeche Island is one of the best beaches in Brazil and not for nothing, is the only island in Brazil declared National Archaeological and Landscape Heritage.

The way is spectacular, with a panoramic view of the eastern beaches of Floripa (Galeta, Mole, Joaquina, Rio Tavares, Isla do Xavier). The trip lasts about 1.5 hours. Includes mineral water and fruits.

Paradisiac beach

Its relatively small and beautiful beach. Has 500 meters of white sand that look towards the hills of the island of Florianópolis, turning its back on the open sea, which generates a huge natural pool ideal for swimming and snorkeling in stunningly clear waters.

Beach of Campeche Island

The Campeche island was declared in 2000 as National Archaeological and Landscape Heritage by IPHAN (Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage) and is also part of an environmental preservation area, which seeks to maintain the flora and fauna of the island Safe from mass tourism. Due to the enormous amount of tourists that arrive to the island in high season, it has been necessary to limit the number of visitors: only a maximum of 400 people are allowed at the same time on the island.

Boat trip to Campeche Island from Barra da Lagoa

Besides being one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, the Campeche island has enormous archaeological value, since there archaeological sites with lots of rock paintings and petroglyphs dating back thousands of years old are; the paths between the vegetation that communicate these archaeological sites with the beach can only be made together with specialized guides that are hired on site.

Eco turs

Cave inscriptions

Boat trip to Campeche Island from Barra da Lagoa

Knowing the best beach in Floripa

There is an underwater world waiting for you to meet him. One of the many options of the Campeche Island  is to snorkel to observe the great diversity of fish and corals!

For the most active is the option to join the trails, walks with prepared guides that run through the island on the inside until you reach the cave paintings of the ancient Indians who lived there many years ago. During the walk, the guides tell the story of the place showing the flora and fauna of the place, emphasizing the preservation of nature and the importance of preserving a virgin place like this wonderful island.

A huge natural pool

The beach is small but charming. Soft sand that caresses the feet when walking. It seems that the hills turned their backs on the open sea, forming an even more exclusive and secret enclave. Towards the left margin of the beach there is a huge natural pool ideal for swimming and snorkeling in stunningly clear waters. It is essential to go with snorkeling equipment because here they do not rent it and it is worth seeing the movement show that the variety of multicolored fish, striped, speckled, and of all sizes. .

Archaeological tour on the Campeche island

There is a route going to the northeast side of the island, in the Pedra do Rosa, all wrapped by native bush. The route passes through the Pedra Fincada and rocky coast with nine rock inscriptions, almost all on the ground. In the sequence it passes through the Pedra Preta do Sul (archaeological site composed of approximately 20 inscriptions). Following the path, you reach the Pedra do Imã, to which there is a point that disorients compasses. Near the end of the trail, you arrive at Praia da Enseada, where there is an archaeological site with different grinders in granite.

Campeche Island: Ecotourism and Archeology

Boat trip to Campeche Island from Barra da Lagoa

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We are in Barra da Lagoa, one of the most touristic neighborhoods of Florianópolis.

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