Paragliding in Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis

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Paragliding in Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis

Anyone can experience the sensation of paragliding flying over Lagoa da Conceição. Flying up to 700 meters, like a bird.

Incredible views of East Florianópolis

During the flight you are sitting in a sort of chair-shaped network. It is possible to take photos or film the adventure.

The pilot looks for ascending air currents, in order to gain height, thus making it possible to stay longer in the air. A flight lasts up to 15 minutes.

Flighting over Lagoa da Conceição.

It is easy to explain the great possibility of being passionate about sport: Paragliding is a way of putting into practice a simulation of the art of living. The passenger has full integration with the instructor with whom he can participate in all flight decisions.

Take the flight on the island of Magic.

You do not need any specific equipment to fly. We use only suitable, approved and revised equipment so that you can make a safe and secure flight. Before the take-off the instructor will give you all the instructions, an explanation of how the equipment works, the dynamics of the flight, and how the landing will be, and so you can enjoy the sensation.

You will enjoy fascinating landscapes.

You can choose to save the memory of your flight, recorded in HD quality, with GO PRO camera special for action sports. You record unforgettable angles of your adventure and share your memories with your friends and family.

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Location and contact

We are in Barra da Lagoa, one of the most touristic neighborhoods in Florianópolis.

We were happy with your visit. Be always welcome!

  • R. Altamiro Barcelos Dutra, 1584 - Barra da Lagoa, Florianópolis - SC
  • (0055) (48) 98443-3975

Additional information

Lugar de saída

Lagoa da Conceição – Terminal de ônibus TILAG

Horário de saída

Entre 10:00 às 16:00 ( Dependendo das condições do vento)


10 minutos

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Pessoas com problemas auditivos;
Pessoas com problemas cardiorrespiratórios;
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