Wakeboard at Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis

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Wakeboard at Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis

  • Wakeboard at Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis
  • Great option for those who want a beautiful contact with nature. Watching the limits and overcoming them!

No credit card required on reservation

No extra fees

  • Wakeboard:

Wakeboard at Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis

  • When:

Every day

  • Duration:

60 minutes

  • Age:

Over 12 years old

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Wakeboarding is an unforgettable experience that’s perfect for a visit the beautiful city of Florianópolis. Head to the calm waters of Lagoa da Conceição in the heart of the city and get ready to feel what it’s like to fly. Then, strap your feet into the footboard and let the adventure and excitement begin.

All the while assisted by your instructor, operate the wakeboard with the courage of a veteran. Enjoy the panoramic views, splendid colors, and the rush of feeling empowered in your weightless state—there’s nothing quite like wakeboarding.

  • Tips and information
  • Essential items for a beautiful day:
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Sunscreen and lipstick to always use
  • Required: Document
  • Price:

             R$ 250,00

  • Adrenaline and adventure activity:
  • Activity: 60 minutes
  • Minimum Age: 12 years;
  • Difficulty level: medium;
  • Restriction: Pregnant women;
  • Participants: Until 2 (with a minimum of 10 minutes to learn in the case of a beginner).

This is a pre-booking, subject to the formation of a minimum group of participants. After our confirmation, you will need a sign of R$ 50.00 per person.

The rest of the R$200.00 will be paid on the day of the activity in cash or credit card.

The buyer will have the term of 07 (seven) days, counting after the payment of the signal, to cancel the contracted service. Without any retention of values ​​by the contractor. Pursuant to article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code.

The refund of the signal in case of voluntary cancellation of the acquirer will not be applicable in the cases:

  • When the date of the payment of the signal and the date of the accomplishment of the service is less than 2 (two) days, the client becomes aware of the availability of his right;
  • Non-attendance at the previously agreed place, date and time.


  • The sign (guarantee of attendance) can be paid by bank deposit at Banco do Brasil or by bank slip.


Wakeboard at Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis

Wakeboard is a water sport practiced with a board similar to Snowboard, pulled by a boat with great power. The boat forms two waves (marolas) used by the athlete to jump and perform maneuvers.

Some Wakeboarding Tips

If you’re a beginner in the Wakeboard sport, we’ll give you some instructions that you should remember to make your first experience safe and fun.

Find out if the foot that will be ahead is the left or the right foot.

Have a beautiful experience practicing wakeboarding at Lagoa da Conceição!

Come fly over the Lagoa da Conceição with wakeboard!

About Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding emerged from Waterskiing and Surfing in California and changed the World of classic Waterskiing as fast as Snowboarding did with snow skiing back in the 90’s. The idea was pretty simple: being pulled by a boat while riding a surfboard.  

But the regular surfboards were too long so they developed the so called “Skurfer” that established a mix of a waterski and a surfboard. The “Skurfer” was OK for a dynamic ride but it was very hard to ride these heavy boards.

1990 was the real birth of Wakeboarding.

Improvement and technology

Beginning 1994 wakeboarding splashed all over the Europe. Several events were held behind the boat, mostly sponsored by boat, board and equipment companies. British guys were the first organizers to test bringing wakeboarding to the cable. They were first to produce a rule book.

The dynamic growth of wakeboarding was also watched by the International Waterski Federation. More and more young skiers looked with an interest and curiosity to this new sport with a board… In 1997 the European Wakeboard Association (EWA) was founded as a council within the International Water Ski Federation. Without doubt EWA was the voice for wakeboarding including boat and cable around Europe.

Body and mind

Does good for the body:
Wakeboard works the muscles of the whole body, contributing to increase muscle strength and motor coordination. In addition, it also improves cardio-respiratory fitness and physical fitness.

It’s good for the mind:
Wakeboard provides a sense of freedom, stimulating well-being, balance and concentration, eliminating symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Sport & Adrenaline at Lagoa da Conceição

We are available for reservations or more information!

Location and contact

We are in Barra da Lagoa, one of the most touristic neighborhoods in Florianópolis.

We will be happy with your visit. You are always welcome!

  • R. Altamiro Barcelos Dutra, 1584 - Barra da Lagoa, Florianópolis - SC
  • (0055) (48) 98443-3975