We provide beautiful experiences in Florianópolis. You can interact with the most beautiful and charming in our lush area. We will walk along waterfalls, trails, mountains, lagoons, beaches among many other options. Come check!

Terrestrial eco tour

Water Eco tour

Cultural Eco tour

Hiking eco tour

Getting to know Florianópolis goes far beyond just beaches and tradicional places.

Because it is one of the most preserved capitals, its part of the Atlantic Forest. The city has a great structure for several trails that show the biodiversity and the cultural factor of the Island.

The are parks and old ways that are rescued and preserved, are now ideal for eco tour activities in Florianópolis

Water Eco tour

Florianopolis is the largest island of an archipelago comprising 31 islands. There are several boat trips depending on where you are staying. Tours for families, groups and companies can be carried out according to your location.

Beautiful lagoons such as Lagoa da Conceição or Lagoa do Peri are great options for getting to know the island’s native biodiversity. We do ideal activities for photographic safaris and bird watching.

Ecoturismo cultural

Responsible for 70% of Brazilian production, Florianópolis is the largest producer of oysters in the country. Fishing on the island is also notable for the presence of tainha and anchovy in winter and squid in summer.

Come and participate in this process, not as an observer but rather by interacting directly with the island’s small mannequin tradition.

Location and contact

We are in Barra da Lagoa, one of the most touristic neighborhoods in Florianópolis.

We will be happy with your visit. You are always welcome!